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OHM Foundation - 5 Point Visionary Plan
Mt. Shasta, CA, USA

‘We are a spiritual, educational and practical foundation dedicated to the NOW and the next seven embodied generations ahead.’


WE are co-manifesting Communiversity - a large scale and immensely beautiful template for New Earth spiritual education and community conceived in graceful presence and authentic joy. Communiversities are built in sacred geometry and lived as a devoted lifetime journey of being fully awake.

In this co-creative educational process, like-hearted, authentic beings come together to live, learn, love, enrich, support, be yoga, work, play, dance, nurture, support, heal, transform, remember, create and en-lighten in a sustainably thriving 500-1000 acre environment. These New Earth Communiversities are intentionally constructed in sacred geometric architecture and completely aligned in geomantic ley-line resonance with the surrounding land, bioregion and the entire earth-cosmos.

We envision five Communiversities on the west coast of North America, the first of which is being birthed in Mt. Shasta, California. Thereafter, will follow four other Communiversities on the Big Island of Hawaii, near Mt. Tamalpais of San Francisco, Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles and near Sedona, AZ. Each Communiversity functions as a thriving and self-sustaining spiritual, educational, practical, multi-cultural, economic, ecological and holistic healing center for now and the next seven generations of children on planet Earth.

Additionally, we are seeding educational outreach projects and partnerships for the development and dissemination of a new kindergarten - masters “University Accredited” curriculum for Embodied Spiritual Education. This conscious curriculum spans not only westernized educational programs but also the whole organic breadth of a human life, from conscious conception and parenting to ennobled death and dying.

The “Open Heart Movement” OHM Foundation and ensuing OHM Communiversities are in devoted service to the Co-Creation of the New Earth, to complete embodied spiritual awakening and to all those who are choosing to align with the greatest co-shining human potential in this magnificent shift of the ages.

The sub-projects and eventual pod departments on each Communiversity, beginning with CU Mt. Shasta, which the OHM foundation will be supporting, are:

• OHM Communiversity Accreditation BS, BA, MA, PHD
• A Declaration of Interdependent Global Sovereignty
• A Round Table Governing Body
• The construction of 5 Temples of Illumination
• Leyline Geomantic Mapping of local bioregion
• DivineJoy Transformational Curriculum
• Peace Body Project
• Water Co-op Project
• Indigenous Wisdom and Bioregional Native Education
• Re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine
• Natural Water Birthing Center
• Yoga Asana and Philosophy Studio
• New Children’s Lyceum - K-12 School
• Holistic Healing and Integrative Medicine Center
• Open Source Web Technology Center
• Universal Physics Technology Center “Unified Field Theory”
• Earth Honoring Sustainability: Hydro, Wind and Solar Power
• Leading Edge Permaculture Farming
• Regenerative Design Architecture
• Healing Springs and Bath House Retreat Center
• Living Food Lifestyle Department
• Conscious Hospice and Transformational Dying Center
• Conscious Music and Sacred Sound Center
• Visionary Art, Theatre and Film Center
• Living Water Sewage System
• Universal Knowledge and Education Center
• Conscious Bookkeeping and Financial Freedom Department
• Intergenerational Healing and Mentorship
• The Science and Ecology of Regenesis
• Global Outreach Department
• Environmental Restoration and Creative Recycling
• And more TBA

2. Geographical area of Impact for first OHM Communiversity:
a. Mt Shasta, Shasta/Trinity County, CA, USA and the whole world

Short Term and Long Term Needs for Mt Shasta:

• Jobs and education - providing employment opportunities for the local bioregion
population and thus providing hands-on, life-affirming conscious education through co-
creating great works of art and regenerative architecture
• the need for alternative-based education for everyone but especially the New Children
• the need for safe resonant space to transform and celebrate consciously – a very large
holistic performance temple
• the need for a proper retreat centre for the community
• the need for a greater refinement of spiritual community and a safe sanctuary for elders,
adults and children to live in harmonic resonance with the land
• the need to unify multi-culturally through open-heart resonance to exhibit greater human
co-creative and embodied potential

80% of the population living in Shasta Trinity County is below poverty level, with some areas in gross dilapidation and disrepair. We intend to change this through a global outreaching upliftment of the surrounding area by bringing an intergenerational influx of New Earth Community seeking tourists as well as new population growth due to self-empowering, spiritually embodied education and highly inspirational creative arts.

Worldwide Needs

There is a dire need for this type of New Earth Template around the world, so as part of the Communiversity Accreditation we will provide a holistic living template education for individuals to seed this lifestyle template in other spiritual vortex places worldwide that are supporting a human ‘stable state’ communiversity.

Mt Shasta’s bioregion has the cleanest air, the most crystalline purified waters and the most beautiful highland landscape on the US mainland. It feeds the lower bio-regions of CA and has to be preserved and stewarded by conscious master beings coming from many different fields. The overall economy needs to be transformed from one of economic poverty into financial economic interdependence, underneath the umbrella of spiritual and educational freedom. We will be filling this need by outreaching and pulling together the most gifted and conscious experts from every sustainably thriving field, mentioned in the objectives above, from across the globe; thus bringing in leading edge technologies, sciences, education and spiritual transformation.

3. Methods used to achieve objectives:

OHM Retreats
OHM Councils
OHM Workshops
OHM Seminars/Intensives
OHM Tele-classes
OHM Activation Symposiums
OHM Documentaries and Films on ‘Blueprinting New Earth Communiversity’
OHM Publications
OHM Memberships
OHM Outreach centers around the world and world tour
OHM Interactive web presence - social networking

4. Funding resources needed in resonance

a. Dream Budget: $500 Million

5. Plans to achieve funding
b. Actively fundraising through educational and spiritual transformation projects, global and local: festivals, conferences, workshops, retreats, symposiums, healing, teleclasses and more
c. Allocating massive grant, trust and scholarship funds
d. Aligning in heart-based resonance with leading edge entrepreneurs that identify a need to live in a sustainable and spiritually thriving way
e. Acquiring large donations from conscious and ecologically sound venture capitalists and angel investors to support departmental sub-projects
f. Enrolling a worldwide membership base from the cultural creative and new consciousness heart-based movements across the globe
g. Student tuition fees
h. Friends and local community supporters

12.01.2007 • Seeking immediate Co-Creative TEAM Assistance and Financial Support in these areas:

1. Financially Prosperous Budget/Goal Setting Planner
2. Professional Conscious Web/Print Designer/Creator
3. Activated Educational Teacher with MA or PHD, desiring to create a leading edge New Earth Children’s school, Russian as 1st or second language a plus!
4. Regenerative Architect/ Visionary Landscape Designer
5. Benefactor for $144,000 organizational start up funds
6. Benefactor/Investor/Grant Writer for 500 acre land acquisition • 1 million usd.
7. Benefactor CFO/Grant Writer for 499 million usd for full Communiversity implementation

Please contact:
Jody Seabreeze at

We are:

Visionary Director – Mikael B. King
Project Manager – Emma Combes
Organizational Assistant – Jody Seabreeze

OHM Foundation
P.O. Box 724
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 USA
Ph: 530.926.3464
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